elementary backstroke arm movement

Elementary Backstroke Breaststroke Side Stroke. Arm Movement: latissimus dorsi -- dominant in initial catch position; pectoralis major -- smaller contribution than in freestyle; wrist flexors (flexor carpi radialis, flexor carpi ulnaris, palmaris longus) -- maintain wrist in a neutral positionbiceps brachii and brachialis -- elbow flexion The arm stroke of the elementary backstroke may be of one of two types: (1) The best method for military swimming is to swing the straight arms sideward and upward, palms down, with the little finger leading, and slightly nearer the surface than the thumb. If "elementary backstroke" fits the above description then yes it is the same stroke. But there’s no rotation involved, like in backstroke. The movement is symmetrical. Its a variation of standard Backstroke in which double arm is used along with Frog Kick instead of Flutter kick. This version of backstroke arm action is used more by competitive swimmers. Often taught as a process of “Tickle-T-Touch” (or, in some places, “Chicken, Eagle, Rocket”), elementary backstroke incorporates a series of three arm movements: The entry is the same as the straight arm pull, with the little finger entering first, the palm facing out and the arm close to the shoulder line. Another reason the backstroke is easy to learn it because its built on the back float ⏤ you’re simply adding intermittent arm and leg movements to make forward progress. Elementary Backstroke is not a competative swimming stroke, its for leisure swimming or started learning swimming. Timing and body cohesion is vital. And it shares some of the same elements as the freestyle stroke, which kids commonly learn early in their swimming careers.So if you’ve already taught your little one how to float and/or swim freestyle, backstroke … Elementary backstroke is slower than regular backstroke. The backstroke is similar to the freestyle (or front crawl), in that the arm pulling motion alternates, and there is a flutter kick (albeit inverted) to aid in propulsion. Disadvantages of Elementary Backstroke. Swimmer floats on back and face will be upward in the water. In this overview of the backstroke we are gonna get into it all, including: The history of the backstroke. The Stroke: As you might guess, this stroke done on your back. The arm pulls through an S shape pathway, finishing at the hip, palm downwards. Which strokes have glides? SWIM- Freestyle (front crawl) Hand position: thumb down (stream line) & palm out. 6. One arm begins to pull as the other recovers over the water surface. 7. Arm movement. The arms and legs move forward during the first active phase, then outward during the second active phase, then backward and inward during the third active phase of the stroke. Kick. Bent Arm Pull. When an arm enters the recovery phase out of the water, keep the elbow straight. Elementary Backstroke. Breathe in during the power phase of the leading arm and breathe out during the power phase of the trailing arm. The elementary backstroke is another restful stroke, a good one to use when you need to swim for longer periods of time. Finally, the arm and leg movements and directions are also coordinated. a. ELEMENTARY BACKSTROKE. 6. The hands enter the water little finger first, palm outwards with the upper arm just brushing past the ear. High elbow, close to centerline. As the arm pulls through to completion, the overall path should follow the shape of the letter S. Entry. The elementary backstroke is not the same as the back crawl or plain “backstroke.” Rather, the elementary backstroke is like an upside-down version of the breaststroke. The elementary backstroke uses the whip kick. Progressions ... Key considerations for efficient survival backstroke are: The arm recovery will create frontal resistance, but if the hands 'slide' through the water towards the shoulders, it will minimize resistance. Mouth & nose out of water. The stroking arm should have a bent elbow as you move it toward your feet. Coordinate your movements with precise strokes and kicks for a more effective backstroke. To help with breathing and helps with lengthening arm movement.

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