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You can’t expect your horse to walk comfortably instantly after shoe removal. Your Barefoot Horse Hoof, Bear Creek, North Carolina. I found the best article for horse hooves., Thank You for Sharing This Amazing Article. Equine nutrition is a huge subject in itself and warrants further investigation. The right grasses growing at pasture come a close second. Hoof Trimming: Where do these diseases come from? If raked into piles on the track, the horses often set up stud piles making manure removal easier from these areas. Domestic foals need help to achieve their genetic potential, maximising the proliferation of micro vessels in the caudal hoof, deveoping the thickest possible corium and optimising development of the cartilagenous caudal hoof sling. Khala was my first barefoot victim. That was before I refined their diet and introduced a balanced custom mineral mix which changed everything. Pierre ENOFF 28,646 views. A major frustration for horse owners is that information regarding equine nutrition is often conflicting from one ‘expert’ to the next. Horse boots should fit snugly onto a horse’s unshod hoof and should protect them from things such as sharp stones, help prevent hoof chipping, and provide traction on uneven terrain. This means that the huge migrations of tribes and the endless cavalry warfare of early history (Ghengis Khan, Alexander the Great, Hannibal etc.) Hooves need nourishment through correct diet and stimulation through high mileage and exposure to conditioning terrain. No. Shoes have a negative effect on meridians, reflex zones, electrical and magnetic fields of the hoof and corium. Don’t overlook the importance of a constant supply of water (fresh, not mineralized) and always have salt available. ‘Natural Hoof Care/ Barehoof Care’ is a new term, being used to describe the care and use of barefooted horses in all disciplines including high performance horses. Any discussion about hooves and lifelong soundness must consider diet. Traditionally, people understood the importance of breakover to a horse's best athletic movement and to long-term soundness. Horses however survived the last 55 million years without metal nailed to their feet and under much more difficult circumstances than in any domestic situation they have had to face in the past 5000 years since. Once the wild horses were domesticated and made their way into the hands of Northern European tribes of people, they found themselves in a much wetter, colder climate than they originally came from. Intro to hoof trimming for the horse owner, Part 1 of 3 - … Hooves are a product of nutrition, so if a horse’s diet is not right, its hooves will not attain optimal health nor become the strongest link in the equine chain. *Protection from external mechanical forces. But, as in human nature, those things used by the ‘rich and famous’ quickly become more desirable to the ‘common man’…. The starting point was a perimeter track around the entire boundary fence, trying to incorporate areas of bush and drier ground for the larger spaces, with the track kept narrow where it traversed good grass as the horses move far more quickly through narrow spaces. The hoof wall never grew too long beyond the sole, so the frog and sole remained weightbearing and the hooves fully functional. Can you expect a hoof to stay sound which is just trimmed in one flat plane? Most hooves are so degenerated, the soles are so thin, that they need some time to heal and adjust and again grow a strong protective sole callous. Many horses that are not on an ideal mixed pasture and/or hay, (especially in high rainfall and coastal areas that have soils leached of minerals growing similarly deficient pastures), respond favorably to a complete hoof supplement. If using slow feeders, instead of using a single large feeder, spread out many small ones. Here is an inexpensive version that takes minutes to put together once you have the following materials on hand; 4 poles or ‘sleepers’ – 2 long ones approx. They are literally born insulin resistent. Evolution gave them the ‘famine’ gene which allows them to produce body fat reserves that can be called upon in lean times. Don’t zone in on one aspect of nutrition, it is a broad subject. However horse/pony owners can make a big difference for our equine friends. As a three-year-old he was unbeaten in five starts including the Spring St Leger at York and the Great St Leger at Doncaster. This “wagon wheel” design made it possible to control graze the pasture similar to cell grazing by opening the cells from the outer track creating more movement. It is miles under saddle that grows the best hooves. Further conditioning can be achieved by placing rough gravelly surfaces where horses are moving; the best place being where they get fed and are likely to discuss politics of the feeding hierarchy. Ideally this should be fed slowly over a long period of time every day (think slow hay feeders). Ever since horse shoes have existed it has been noticed that, within a few years of being shod, the horse began to display sickness and diseases previously unknown in unshod horses. Use loop paddocks for feed restricted horses (fencing does not need to be expensive; a couple of strands of white hot tape and tread in ‘pig tails’ is usually adequate. The secret is to align diet with genetics; with the design of the species. Horses started to be shod with metal shoes about 1000 years ago and since then it became a common practice. This is passive conditioning using time as leverage; all the unridden hours when a horse is in its paddock. A ‘Barefoot Trim’, based on the wild horse’s hoof, is different to the ‘normal’ farrier’s ‘Pasture Trim’. There is no shortage of feed and no starving horses; there is either too much feed or too much of the wrong nutrients and not enough of the right ones. *Shock absorption We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Movement: Horse friendly grass and hay is best derived from species that are less agriculturally desirable than these farmer favourites. Barefoot Tips are a modern reincarnation of a much older idea; the humble grass tip that many racing horses wore prior to the development of aluminum plates. Nowadays some endurance performance horses successfully complete the Australian 160km Tom Quilty Cup barefooted! Impairs shock absorption and movement of the sole. First you’ll learn horse hoof anatomy, then what tools you need for horse hoof trimming, then how to trim horse hooves step-by-step. There were no overgrown walls acting as mechanical lever forces which compromised circulation or broke away and exposed inner tissues to pathogenic invasion. The donkey and horse version of the above is, “If my feet hurt then I feel like crap”. Regularly. The best hooves to be found on domestic horses are not those trimmed by the best trimmers. ), Keep horses in bigger mobs in bigger paddocks. Increased risk of greater injury and damage, the horse, which is shod, can cause to itself, other horses and humans. There seems to be an increasing incidence of pathological mineral deposits (enteroliths, bladder stones etc) that may be linked to lavish usage of inorganic minerals especially magnesium oxide. The horse can’t feel its pain…. Basic information to trim your own horse. Natural hoof care involves far more than just the style of trim. Nails conduct cold and heat into the interior of the hoof. We’ll email you when new posts & articles are published. Required fields are marked *. I recommend the following books for reading: To learn how to become an Equine Hoofcare Practitioner click here, To find a Certified Hoofcare Professional in Australia Click Here. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The shoes were recently pulled off this horse, about 8 weeks after the last shoeing. Your email address will not be published. A self-trimming horse is a barefoot horse that wears their hooves naturally, without the intervention of tools to maintain soundness and good hoof function. Diet does not need to be over-thought. FormaHoof Barefoot provides the horse’s hoof with a supportive and protective base, simulating a perfect barefoot hoof with level heels. To start with you need a removeable agitator from the centre of an older style washing machine – the larger ones are better as they have a larger, [...], While reading the book ‘Perfect Partners’ by Kelly Marks (an excellent book by the way) I was struck by a very true statement she made…. The equine digestive system is extremely efficient at retrieving all the possible nutrition from poor quality herbage and horses can literally run on the smell of an oily chaff bag. On the other hand, it is a gross lack of meaningful movement that is the weakest link in the equine chain. The closer we can align their domestic existence to their heritage, the better their hooves will develop. But the horse is sound, despite this, because it is actually unable to detect the damage, since the nerves in the affected areas are unable to function properly, they are literally ‘numb’. Which mineral supplement is best for my horse? When adding minerals to a horse’s diet, be aware that some minerals have a blocking effect on others, so the correct ratios must be added and the more you add of any individual mineral, the more you may need to add of others to keep ratios balanced. The one factor above all else that seems to produce the best possible hooves is maintenance by the horse’s owner; a quick touch up with a rasp every 2 weeks. Traditional ways of boarding and managing horses have contributed to the lack of hoof development and hence the need for shoes, so if we expect to develop a sound barefoot horse, then the lifestyle of the horse cannot be overlooked. Fortunately, any flush of green feed in their natural environment was diluted by the tufty dry grass that new shoots had to grow through. Unnatural weight and centrifugal forces on the hoof. What else can I do to help my horse? Natural Horse Care and Barefoot Trimming! ‘Orthopedic’ or ‘corrective’ shoeing is not possible. Don’t rely on your horse’s opinion of what it would like to eat. Between the wild horse in its natural habitat, and our domesticated horses, having to live under artificial conditions, in confinement and horse stables or small paddocks, yes, there is big difference. disrupted severely enough to cause thrush. Bred and originally trained in Yorkshire, Barefoot was beaten on his debut but began a seven race winning sequence when successful in a minor race at Pontefract in September 1822. Once your pony’s/horse’s hoof starts to look like a wild horse’s hoof, it will start to act like one! Highland Pony Photos by Sue Jarman of Rosemarkie Stud. THE BAREFOOT BLACKSMITH | PH: 03 5773 4306 | FAX: 03 5773 4307 | EMAIL: [email protected] | © Copyright. Hoof protection; Growing a better hoof; Need a trimmer? The walkabout track enables us to limit the grass and control the diet, yet still have movement. In the process of healing their hooves, I discovered there is a quick fix to kick-start the healing, but [...], The two most dangerous times for laminitis are in the spring and autumn, depending on where you live. By 700AD, when castles were built for security from their rival kingdoms, horses started to be kept in small paddocks and stables, standing in their own excrement. When doing your own research, use common sense and beware of who is selling what. Impairs the hoof mechanism and the circulatory pump (blood circulation from the hooves/legs back to the heart, heart has to work 4 X harder). Innovative hoof boots for barefoot horses We designed a boot that improves the health of your horse's hooves every step of the way. Barefoot Horse Hoof Necklace Sterling Silver A dainty barefoot horse hoof necklace, hand crafted from sterling silver. Maintenance trimming has been made even easier by the evolution of hoof stands that have a cradle which supports the upturned hoof and takes the weight of the horse out of the equation. In swampy or sandy areas, it may be necessary to put down some road base fabric before any gravel, lest it disappears. You can also call it: ‘Create a little bit of Arizona in the middle of Belgium’…. Maintaining equine hooves does not require a doctorate in equine sculpture. Of all the horses we see in our travels, it is the commercial trail horses and endurance horses that have the healthiest and strongest bare hooves. (We never share any of your information – see our Privacy Policy). demo of barefoot trimming of horse hooves by Rebecca Jacaranda Scott. When the hoof becomes concave (about 1/2 to 3/4 inch [10-18 mm] deep at the point of frog) and the horse is able to go on gravel with no soreness, you can shift to a maintenance trim. The damage, of course, is still being done inside the shod hooves. Barefoot-South provides barefoot equine hoof trimming and care services for the whole of the South East of England. It gets its name from most commonly being found [...], With the current drought a hoof bath for daily soaking will not only keep your horse’s hooves healthy and supple, but easier to trim too. I know his feet well and he is much happier! Large areas of electric fencing can easily be removed when hay is to be cut or pasture improved. Horses and ponies suffer from colic, lameness issues, hoof problems, sore backs, laminitis, founder, injuries etc. Put rocks/gravel around your water and feeding troughs, cover areas where you horse normally walks through with rocks (in gateway areas), to give the hooves a chance to harden and toughen up. Back then, horses were prairie animals that covered great distances daily in search of grazing and water and freedom from predation. Ideally, foals should be kept in mobs, especially with other young stock. horse … ‘, ‘My horse/pony is sore/tender footed and tippi-toey on gravel when barefoot’, ‘My horse/pony needs shoes because my farrier/vet/instructor/dressage judge said so’, ‘Because I always shod my horses and they seemed fine’, ‘Because horses have always been shod and they will always be shod and that is the end of the story…’, ‘Because I am too lazy/ don’t have the time to put on hoof boots every time I want to ride’, ‘I don’t want to upset / loose my farrier, I want to be loyal to him’, ‘My farrier is old-fashioned and says ‘all horse need to be shod’ ‘, ‘I can’t find a qualified well educated barefoot trimmer in my area and my farrier is close minded and doesn’t want to learn proper barefoot trimming, he says ‘a pasture trim will do’ ‘, ‘My horse/pony doesn’t show the elevation while riding dressage’, ‘The difference between a domesticated horse and a wild horse is that the domesticated horse has carry more weight (a rider), that is why it needs shoes’(… ever thought of a pregnant mare ‘having to wear shoes’ because she is carrying extra heavy weight (her foal), or of shoeing a well rounded pony at the end of the summer season with its extra heavy ‘tummy-bulk’ to survive the coming winter…?). This means it needs a constant supply of a range of nutrients to be the building blocks of new hoof. Even though a large number of horse owners have taken it up and their horses’ hooves are better than ever, there is still a widespread misconception that it is too difficult a task, both physically and technically. This is why, even in the very first books mentioning shoeing (from the 17th century and earlier), the horse shoe has always been referred to as a “necessary evil”. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. This is the reality of modern urban life. No one factor on its own can produce the best possible [...], This safe and easy to make hoof stand was put together from items you can find at most recycling shops or even from around your own place. By Kaya Femmerling (Dec.). Think carefully about removing his shoes if he… 1. struggles with serious foot-soreness 2. competes in a discipline in which he needs extra grip in the form of studs 3. relies on remedial or corrective shoeing to overcome the effects of a confor… ), When feeding out hay, spread it as far apart as possible (ie. Small amounts often! Barefoot South has a very a strict code of ethics which puts your horse's welfare at the centre of any care recommendations. This is just one example of natural hoof care for horses. Barefoot was a British Thoroughbred racehorse and sire best known for winning a chaotic and controversial race for the classic St Leger Stakes in 1823. Seedy toe (also called white line disease) used to be the one on-going issue all my horses had many years ago. If you ride before trimming, your whole body will be warmed up and loosened and ready to bend under your horse for trimming. Walk and work your horse as much as possible, movement brings blood into the horse’s hooves and allows for strong healthy tough callus growth. It is that easy. It is designed to exist in a regime that is constantly replacing layers of worn away tissue and in a healthy horse it is constantly growing at the rate of about 10mm per month. So, ‘domestication’ or the fact that horses are ridden is NOT a valid argument for shoeing. Bruising of navicular area (= heel pain) and hoof / heel contraction. Barefooting takes care and commitment. All wild horses are self-trimming with their hooves varying according to [...]. Horses have quite a small stomach and a long intestinal tract that is engineered to have a constant throughput of high fibre, low quality herbage. It’s often been said that the trim accounts for only a quarter of the outcome and lifestyle accounts for three quarters. 2) Create more movement We are not talking here about the craft of shoeing which does take many years to master (the author can relate to this). This period can take between a few weeks and several months, depending on the individual horse. 2.2K likes. Why do we still shoe our horses? Made from sterling silver this pendant measures approximately 1.5mm across but as each one is handmade that will slightly vary. Why Barefoot? Beware, however, that much of the hay and pasture available has been developed for cattle (production animals that are either fattened for slaughter at a young age or producing high yields of milk). All rights reserved. Traditional hoofcare has dealt with overgrowth by re-trimming hooves every 6-8-10 weeks (or when the trimmer could get there). Natural Horse Care and Barefoot Trimming! Now, if you decide to take off your horse’s shoes, your horse will go through what is called a ‘Transition Period’. The barefoot mould is based on a balanced, 3D hoof capsule shape and the resulting FormaHoof application is designed to perform and wear like a healthy barefoot hoof. In practice, this means providing foals with the most possible movement. Dismiss, Horses are born without shoes. This may sound a bit over-stated, but logical reasoning for such a claim can be found by rewinding 5000 years to the natural scheme of things before horses were domesticated. Our pony in the back yard is genetically exactly the same horse as its cousin in the wild, and has exactly the same needs, physically and emotionally, as its cousin in the wild. Certain horses are better suited to being barefoot than others. But even if a horse owner has the foresight and resources to ensure their horses are never more than 4 weeks between trims, equine hooves simply cannot attain optimum health in this regime. Pinching of corium and living tissues in the hoof. Many barefoot horses will replace their whole hoof capsule in under 6 months. Who is the Barefoot Blacksmith? In simple terms, pick up a hoof and keep the walls rolled and rounded with a rasp every fortnight. Thanks for your patience. They originated from areas that were rugged mountains, semi-arid regions, steppes and deserts. Many horses are challenged as barefoot mounts because they have sensitive hooves due to diet and laminitis seems to be a lifestyle condition of our domestic horse. The Barefoot Blacksmith | Ardellan Web Design, Rehabilitation, Retirement & Holiday Agistment, Ride regularly (that’s an intentional repetition! Shoeing contracts and deforms the hoof over time, even the bones inside the hoof. 2m and [...], “The best way to forget all your troubles is to wear tight shoes”. Stabling practices and metal shoeing was the beginning of the deterioration of the hooves of domesticated horses. Jeff is dedicated optimum horse heath, starting with the feet. Meanwhile, to make your horse comfortable and encourage it to walk a lot, your horse/ pony can be fitted with hoof boots. But the ‘facts’ and statistics show a different reality. They partially adapted to this climate. This is the time between shoe removal and your horse comfortably walking on hard rocky ground. Flex Boots are light and sleek, they are comfortable for the horse to wear and easy for the owner to use. Never to worry about a thrown shoe again? horse company / a herd of horses for emotional safety and the incentive to move, water to hydrate its hooves (foot bath, dam, muddy area…), a diet rich in hardy fibre, low in sugar and starch, minerals and vitamins. If you want your pony/horse to have healthy tough hooves, you need to look at ‘the whole horse’ and provide for its needs! Return from Natural Hoof Care for Horses to Homepage. All of the above mentioned functions of the hoof are clearly impaired if metal shoes = metal cages are nailed onto the living hoof. Their stomach is very small in proportion to their body mass; no bigger than a football and should not be totally full or it does not function properly. Amazing Article..!! Ideally, the horse should live on the same type of ground he'll be ridden on. A horse hoof is a structure surrounding the distal phalanx of the 3rd digit (digit III of the basic pentadactyl limb of vertebrates, evolved into a single weight-bearing digit in equids) of each of the four limbs of Equus species, which is covered by complex soft tissue and keratinised (cornified) structures. Barefoot Tips are a compromise between barefoot and shod, offering partial protection where it is needed, without affecting vital hoof function. The secret behind amazingly healthy hooves is not who trims them, nor how good the professional trimmer is. It is now possible to call all horses from where ever they are, to the shed, open all access points to the yard, mix individual feeds, then separate the horses to the different tracks with their own feed. Natural hoof care for horses continues on this page. The extra mechanical stress generated by the weight of saddle and rider in combination with the sustained pressure of high mileage seems to produce the most robust, calloused hooves (of course, only if the hooves are functional). How do we mimic natural wear patterns and encourage the hoof to heal? BHM 2021 Calendar on sale now - FREE SHIPPING! Environment: It is important that your horse, in its daily life, living in its paddock/yard, is exposed to the ground it is expected to be ridden on. Terrain needs to consider that horses belong in arid country and the tensile strength of keratin is highest when dry. Take care that your horse/pony is regularly trimmed by a Natural Hoof Care Practitioner who is trained in proper barefoot trimming, or ask your farrier to familiarize him/herself with, and learn proper barefoot trimming techniques. Most of the horse’s health problems encountered today are caused by not respecting and catering for the horse’s physical and emotional needs. Natural hoof care is the practice of keeping horses so that their hooves are worn down naturally and so do not suffer overgrowth, splitting and other disorders. * Heart-supporting circulatory blood pump (healthy hoof mechanism) ‘Shoeing – the necessary Evil’ ?! Horses have the ability to move to find shelter and shade when they need it. If dry paddocks are not available, then a night loafing area of dry footing such as 4-6 inches of pea sized river pebbles or natural gravel is ideal. How about we model our ideal horse keeping after the healthy habitat of the wild horse, as nature intended horses to live. Contact; Barehoofcare. Cornerstone of the equine diet needs to be hay, and a lot of it, made the right way from the right grasses. Your email address will not be published. It WILL make your horse/pony healthier, sounder, perform better, have less pain and it will help it to live a longer and happier life. In addition foal hooves need to be regularly trimmed so the frog is always well grounded. To establish movement, hay was given at various points all around the track, which the horses soon started to use and developed their own paths through the bush areas. The reality is that too many donkeys and horses suffer bad hooves – and they needn’t – so their behaviour is affected. If you get well-schooled at a maintenance trimming workshop, you will learn to recognise the anatomical landmarks that allow you to read a hoof to objectively balance it and recognise the boundaries not to cross. And then there are foals born to domestic life. It was the horses of the princesses and kings, who lived in the castles, that were shod to protect the hooves from excessive wear. Natural Foot, Natural Horse Most natural hoof care practitioners agree that a barefoot trim works best on a horse living a more natural lifestyle, including as much turnout as feasible. In fact, wear of the hooves is now exceeded by growth and when they grow long they become dysfunctional and mechanically weakened. Kingdoms became cities, horses became more useful and started to have ‘working lives’. We can study and learn and inform ourselves, to provide our horses and ponies with as near as natural conditions as possible. Each cell can be easily divided with “tread ins” to strip graze and further control pasture growth. What if a horse owner can mimic the constant trimming regime of the wild hoof by maintaining a horse’s hooves in between visits from their professional trimmer? All rounders; Show jumpers; Eventers; Hunters; Trail horses. Vibration and impact on weight bearing destroys hoof wall and damages living tissue. The harmful and damaging effects of shoeing, ‘Orthopedic’ or ‘corrective’ shoeing is not possible. In the latter event, he finished second in dry hard rocky ground to regularly walk on.When you look at the health of your horse’s/pony’s feet and hooves, you have to look at its environmental living conditions and its diet for they are linked.

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