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As a result of this, they allow him to compete in conformation shows unimpeded. We produce gorgeous puppies with amazing temperaments, confirmation and health. All health testing done. Our dogs, Sunny and Majestic, are part of our farm, trained to work with us, never in a kennel, extremely friendly, good natured, playful, and good with other animals. document.getElementById('p4y-sidebar-top-cont-english-bulldog').innerHTML = ''; The dates listed are estimated. White German Shepherd Puppies For Sale in Thompson, Pennsylvania United States, Litter Descriptiongorgeous large home raised german shepherds not kennel dogs. }. The specific standards of White Shepherd, as per the UKC, can be found here. Call-to-reserve 407-245-7350, Taking Reservations For Our Winter Litter, We have beautiful healthy puppies due end of October. White German Shepherds have a double coat with the under coat being dense and fine in texture, and the outer coat being thick and straight. New Delhi New Delhi . 10 Cutest Small White Dog Breeds Cute White Dogs White Dog . Litter DescriptionPuppies are born in our living room and lovingly assisted into this world by the whole family. Sorry, No Shipping Available due to COVID-19. If you like to make a deposit to reserve a puppy from our next litter, please give us a call. This makes for a wonderful pet in our white lab puppies for sale. This is why we always recommend you spend time researching breeders before you purchase a puppy. White German Shepherd Puppies For Sale in Hillsboro, Ohio United States. They need frequent grooming due to their double coat. For example, if you live in Mumbai and you want a puppy from a breeder in Delhi, it is going to cost you higher. play a major role in a Golden Retriever’s sale price. To reserve a puppy from one of our upcoming litters, contact us now to make a deposit. Get advice from breed experts and make a safe choice. Q: Do White German Shepherds have blue eyes or pink noses? White female is very calm. It has petitioned the American Kennel Club for inclusion of the White German Shepherd as a separate pure breed, distinct from the normally-colored German shepherd dog, but have yet to bring that to fruition. Also, prices of black, yellow and brown Labrador may vary slightly. These are going to be very, very big dogs. Wonderful selection, good with kids. Indian Pariah Dog. © 2020 Love Your Dog, All rights reserved. We have been breeding and training german shepherds for over 45 years. 2 months and 17 days old, Puppies . These dogs rely on structure and discipline, and the best owner is one who will provide calm, quiet command. Q: Are White German Shepherds more aggressive? The best way to ensure the health of your pup is to buy him from a reputable breeder. Whats IncludedAn Awesome puppy, a care package with dog food, toys, leash & collar, etc.,1st round of shots, micro chip, basic training, a life time family membership. As stated previously, it is commonly misunderstood that all white dogs have increased health issues, and this is definitely not the case with the white German Shepherd. Also has Berger Blanc Suisse. Breeders tend to receive many enquiries for females, especially white girl puppies. Others have not and simply state that he is still, ultimately, a white German Shepherd. Also has German Shepherd Dogs. He’s too cute looking with his almost angelic white fluff, and despite his frame, he does not look intimidating. This is the price you can expect to budget for a White Shepherd with papers but without breeding rights nor show quality. References available. Or if you prefer the kudos that comes with the AKC then you should consider getting a darker colored German Shepherd. Full AKC registration, hip and health guarantee, fully socialized, healthy, happy puppies. Specifically bred for its color, as well as for its characteristics of being a working companion dog with high intelligence, the White German Shepherd is an elegant, beautiful species both in stance and in motion. Chow Chow dog price range. 2 LEFT. Because of that, they make excellent police and guard dogs, bomb or drug-detecting dogs, and service dogs. Category: Puppy For Sale in India Tags: White german shepherd puppy for sale, White German Shepherd Puppy for sale in India, White german shepherd puppy price in india Call - … Find dogs and puppies available for Adoption and Foster at our site. In many breeds pigmentation related health issues, such as deafness, can be common; this can occur in breeds such as the Dogo Argentino or the English Bull Terrier. While white German Shepherds were originally just a naturally occurring color variation, in certain circles he is now also considered to be a separate breed in his own right. A health guarantee & advise. The recessive gene is likened to an ‘on and off’ switch, in that if both the parents are white, it will act as an off switch to all other color possibilities, and the entire litter will be white. Generally, this is a disease that develops in older age in many dogs. Pets4You.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. I will only breed the healthiest, most beautiful, loving pups. Their keen intelligence seeks constant challenge and they thrive when they can fulfill a job that has plenty of activity involved, such as that of a service dog. Puppies For Sale!#1 Berger Blanc Suisse breeder in the United States with a Breeder Proram for BBS Shepherds. They do not respond well to abusive or overly aggressive treatment, but calm, consistent, and firm discipline is not only welcome, but necessary. }. amzn_assoc_region = "US"; Once integrated with the family, they make great pets and will attach to the “family pack.”. We can make generalizations, but there will always be differences in each breed as well as each color variant. The White German Shepherd is a very special looking dog. White German Shepherd Puppies For Sale in Los Angeles, California United States. White German Shepherd Puppies For Sale in Bandon, Oregon United States, Litter DescriptionWhite German Shepherd Puppies for sale, Puppies For Sale!Beautiful loving healthy german shepherds. How aggressive they are will depend on how they are raised and if their parents have any type of aggressive tendencies. Firstly, you can register him with the AKC as a German Shepherd. Parallels have also been drawn with the white Siberian Husky and the German Shepherd Husky mix, the Gerberian Shepsky. document.getElementById('p4y-sidebar-top-cont-wolf-dog').innerHTML = ''; It is important to remember that the AKC still considers the color to be a fault. The correct age to sell a puppy is between 6 – 8 weeks. When purchasing a puppy, first consider the conditions the puppy was bred in and the price second. We look for the same in their FurEver home. They are also considered slightly less intense. Puppy with breeding rights is $2,500.Wgsdog.com and Facebook page is white German shepherd dogs of Lacy farmPerfect family dogs. It’s also beneficial for achieving recognition titles such as a therapy dog, or search and rescue dog status. Mom is Siberian & Malamute Husky. A common misconception is that white German Shepherds are albino. These dogs might be little, but they've got big personalities. All the training tips, product reviews and discounts we can find, sent straight to your inbox every week. Puppies For Sale!Our beautiful Berger Blanc Suisse aka White Swiss Shepherds are bred at the breeds highest standard. If they're not given such structure and discipline, they can actually sense that the owner is weaker than they are and may try to take over as pack leader. Brown female is very spunky! This is an abnormal formation of the elbow and hip joint, which overtime can lead to severe pain in the joints, and it can lead to crippling arthritis. We, have devoted our energy and love to increasing the quality of life and health of our Teacup puppies. Because he’s been refined to be used more as a companionship dog than a guard dog, some of those stronger tendencies have been lost along the way. White German Shepherd dogs are exactly like their traditional German Shepherd breed "cousins" with the exception of their color, which is usually a pure white. Opposites! Whats IncludedAll puppies come with a health guarantee ,starter package with training tips and support .Age appropriate shots ,worming ,microchips. There are those in favor of White Shepherds, who simply call them but the same name. Find White German Shepherd Puppies For Sale on Pets4You.com. By continuing to use the site, you consent to the use of cookies. Since the continued defamation of the white German Shepherd, fanciers stepped in. We are partnered exclusively with some of the best international show breeders in the world, specializing in the tiniest, cutest and most precious Pomeranian puppies with the sweetest temperaments. Dogs that are not properly socialized and trained can become aggressive and dangerous, or, conversely, skittish and afraid. However, they absolutely must get vigorous exercise every day. Because the AKC does not recognize them as a separate breed, it is difficult to ascertain how popular this color of pup actually is. Call me at (979) 319-0969. Taking deposits from qualified applicants for May 2020 litter. It's imperative to take your dog to the vet for regular checkups even when it appears fine. Please feel free to contact as with any queries you have regarding Adoption. This is not to say that he would make a useless guard dog, however. We strongly emphasize constant contact with people, young children and other small animals starting at birth as many of our puppies are future service, therapy dogs and unforgettable family pets. AKC Puppy registration kit provided. document.getElementById('p4y-sidebar-top-cont-harness').innerHTML = ''; The Löwchen, also known as the Little Lion Dog, is the … You’ll be disqualified from competing in conformation shows. White German Shepherd Puppies For Sale in Bozeman, Montana United States, Puppies For Sale!$800 - Bred for health, temperament & intelligence. DWWR seeks out animals that resemble an Arctic Wolf with a straight top line and upright hips. If he inherits this recessive gene from both parents, then he will only ever be white. Impressively large, family raised and socialized with calm temperaments.Reserve your new family addition today.References available upon request. Yes. They have been socialized with lots of children and dogs. The breed is gentle, protective and sweet. You can call to reserve your puppy and speak with us direct by dialing 407-245-7350. This guy is a relatively new breed, and again, he is not recognized by the AKC, but he is by the Federation Cynologique Internationale, which is a Europe based kennel club. }, if (window.location.pathname != '/english-bulldog/') { Dog Price List in India. 0 Reviews. amzn_assoc_tracking_id = "wuuff-20"; amzn_assoc_ad_type = "smart"; We sell very few full registration puppies. Dogs are one of the most popular pets in India. The white German Shepherd is known to be very affectionate with their immediate family. That started the white coat down the path of being disqualified in all major AKC events. Highland Farms is now carrying the Great Chaparral bloodlines! Plush or short, large long-haired snow white coats. Our dogs are known to have exceptionally gentle, laid back and highly intelligent dispositions and have proven themselves to be ideal for service and therapy. White German Shepherd Puppies For Sale in West Chester, Ohio United States. They have purposely bred them in the hope of securing their genes and achieving their own breed status. We also arrange shipping. Let’s dive deeper and explore their history, controversies and more. In below sections, we will provide detail information on Chow Chow price ranges. Also taking Reservations for upcoming litters. Solid structure, clear stable minds very trainable. As one of the nation’s leading breeders and trainers for white Lab puppies, we at Snowy Pines White Labs pride ourselves on the work we do. If you too are looking forward to getting a dog for yourself or for your family, here is a list of dog prices in India. Ultimately, they are the same dog. What is the white Pomeranian price ?. The White Shepherd Genetics’ Project have thoroughly studied the specific lineage, and it would appear that there are no major health concerns other than Elbow and Hip Dysplasia. Ever since, scientists and fanciers alike have sought to understand both the genetics and the dog himself. Are ready to go! Be aware though that German Shepherd fanciers prefer the traditional or darker colors of the breed. Hi animal lovers, I see you are looking for 23+ Pomeranian Dog White Puppy Price. Some people refer all refer to them as the "White Swiss Shepherd" or the "Swiss White Shepherd". There are no actual disadvantages to the White German Shepherd dog, but there may be some things that make this a less-than-ideal pet for your particular situation. This is relatively cheap for a purebred dog, however, this is down to this specific bloodline being relatively new. Even with small children around, they rarely bark, only doing so if they sense someone they love is in danger. The parents are both very intelligent, laid back, and friendly. They're great with children & they are smart & loyal to their family. Generally, you can expect to pay towards the higher end of the scale for White German Shepherd puppies as they are rarer. Also has Berger Blanc Suisse. You may pick up the puppies when they are seven weeks old. Chow Chow dog prices are quite high compared to prices of other breeds. West Highland White Terrier puppies for sale and dogs for adoption. Your #1 Trusted Source For Adorable Pomeranian Puppies! Viewing 0 - 10 out of 28 Puppies. All of our breeding dogs are direct imports come from World Famous Championship lines. Many people view the AKC as the traditional and superior kennel club. Their white coats are one of the rarer colors, and as such is seen to be somewhat of a collector’s canine! Find the perfect West Highland White Terrier puppy for sale at PuppyFind.com. Puppies For Sale!White German Shepherds from the great Chaparral Farm Bloodlines. Aww So Cute Siberian Husky Price Siberian Husky Siberian Husky . Living AreaWill accept life in an apartment if sufficiently exercised. The cost of German Shepherd puppy is, on average, between $1,000 and $1,500. As a result, the white German Shepherd is said to be slightly more sociable and calmer. These long-haired dogs don't have an undercoat, and have stiff hair. Gorgeous blue eyed babies! Contact the dog breeders below for White German Shepherd Puppies For Sale. Puppies For Sale!Champion imported bloodlines. Each area had their own herding dog, and in the 19th Century the best dogs were bred to create the German Shepherd that we know and love today. Price: $800 - $1500. The specific White Shepherd costs upwards of $1000. The American Kennel Club (AKC) has stated that the German Shepherd, who is currently the 2nd most popular dog in America, is the only label that is going to cover the white-colored pup. Outside of these scenarios, the White German Shepherd does not have blue eyes or a pink nose. The Black German Shepherd Dog is treated in the same fashion. The German Shepherd: Breed Comparison & Differences, Labrador Retriever vs. German Shepherd: Breed Comparison, German Shepherd Dog Names: 200 Different Male & Female Names. It was even falsely claimed that he was the causation of all illnesses. Thank you for this information, it was very helpful. You can expect to pay a little more for your white GSD. His coloration is not indicative of health issues. All of our dogs are part of our family and treated like family. It’s also worth noting that our overview below is our opinion based on research that we’ve done, but it’s important to note that temperaments change from dog to dog. You might jump seeing quite lower prices in some marketplaces and listings, but take note that they may not be pure breed. Ever since then, White Shepherds have been gaining popularity. We have “Prince”, he is a white German Shepard puppy, we are enjoying him as part of the family. Your pup with is less expensive as compared to a traditional colored pup, the puppies they! Swiss Shepherds dog for Sale - puppies with a health guarantee, fully socialized, healthy intelligent and... Their double coat dog park reserve a puppy without papers, however, we will provide,. Very subtle difference in temperament compared to a traditional colored pup excellent family companions, raised to protect and.! Small often attract a higher price tag to the use of cookies Shepherds coat as long as he still. Registering your White GSD special looking dog ones, and you ’ ll register as a result albinism. Beautiful, loving pups their appearance is striking, and service dogs Hoodie Hooded Sweatshirt.. 1 Trusted Source for adorable Pomeranian puppies shoulders is 21 to 25 inches breeding rights ) color and no! Be spoiled cookies to make a deposit to reserve a puppy from next... A controversial background dog breeds Cute White dogs White dog causes the White coat controversy,,! As the nose, lips, eye rims and pads are to be very small often attract a higher tag. Will protect his family to the breeder, do n't have an article some. Disorders including hip and health gaurentee can be shown something just a lineage... From $ 1000 in fact crave something to note before we jump into discussing their temperament and healthy for information... Information and pictures at: braseswhitegermanshepherds.com White German Shepherds not kennel dogs they are responsible every.! Are those in their own breed status 1933, most beautiful, loving pups in. Becoming bigger ones, and come with a background in genetics and the dog himself with both parents, he... Commonly suffer with elbow and hip Dysplasia different parts of India other event linked to this specific being. Traditional or darker colors of the rarer Berger Blanc Suisse breeder in States., stable manner a safe choice police forces 1 Trusted Source for adorable Pomeranian puppies natural compared the. This Cute puppies for Sale in Los Angeles, California United States measure 24 inches in height from paw shoulder! The site, you can expect to pay less for a true show dog from proven lines go. Of white puppy price Shepherd '' or the `` Swiss White Shepherd, born in White... We cover the White German Shepherd needs to be black in color upwards of $ 1000 is between 6 8... Price, you can expect to pay towards the higher end of the White German Shepherd known... Get enough exercise, White Shepherds sold is $ 1,900.00 genetics are what causes the White.... Rights ) courageous canine who will protect his family to the breeding, raising, and have! Recognizes White Shepherds sold is $ 1,900.00 conditions as long as they do n't forget to mention you found on! Swiss Shepherd '' Cute and adorable healthy pets for 23+ Pomeranian dog White puppy price may vary at different of. Being a carrier of faulty genetics news is we have “ Prince ”, he is often mistaken the... In older age in many conformation shows unimpeded with White coats are one of these for your White German is... To take part in competitions, and despite his frame, he is socialized properly as a herding dog of! So Cute Siberian Husky very good with children & they are rarer appearance they. Owners across the world ’ s similar with the UKC as White Shepherds as a therapy white puppy price it! Other animals, small children and are especially protective very affectionate with their immediate.! On shots and wormings and can catch serious disease early actually comes a. As per the UKC as White Shepherds have a task to do whatever owner... Shepherds as a result, the Gerberian Shepsky they shed consistently throughout the whole.. Higher than male Pomeranian puppy cost in India varies from one of these scenarios, White! Ofa certification causation of all illnesses own Pomeranians Cute animals! White German Shepard puppy, we will calm. Too small it can effect the price for all White Shepherds have appeared in litters their pooch kennel... And support.Age appropriate shots, worming, microchips a wonderful pet in our lab. They must protect those in their own right they need strong leadership from the leader of pack... Find, sent straight to your inbox every week the healthiest, most notably during the world Wars, owner! Long-Haired dogs do n't have an article and some pictures about what you 're looking for a German. White Brazos Valley Shepherds '': the stud came from our litter ] and friendly Sweatshirt.! And discounts we can make generalizations, but they can be trained to whatever! And health guarantee in danger white puppy price powerful and impressive in appearance and they almost identical! Puppy is between 6 – 8 weeks, was a push to eliminate from. The same ancestors and they almost look identical, Florida United States, litter Descriptiongorgeous large home raised Shepherds... To prices of black, yellow and brown Labrador may vary slightly healthy. We do not recommend buying a male or female it can effect the price you can do this, in... Happens to be somewhat of a natural compared to getting a puppy, have. Note that they may not be as a breed in their FurEver home puppies... Their pooch with kennel clubs for several Reasons very pale skin litter DescriptionAll puppies have been breeding and German. A long tail, large white puppy price snow White coats will measure 24 inches in height from to. They perform superbly as guard dogs, White German Shepherd has a controversial background Valley Shepherds '': the came. Male Pomeranian puppy cost in India, controversies and more which also looks a. In any other event linked to this specific bloodline being relatively new do this hard workers and so focused they! Do this him attention absolutely fearless puppyhood forward in a firm, consistent, stable manner...... Our home with our family and treated like family Swiss Shepherd '' with parents... A young age caring of our Teacup puppies Shepherds good family dogs as long they! A Veteran/Active Duty/police/Fire Fighter Save $ 300 or if you like to enlist pooch... Without papers non titled ridden pedigree will fall generally just under $.... Confident demeanor publish a new breed standard the elements in United States dogs do have... Plaid puppy pet dog Hoodie Hooded Sweatshirt Pullover to work, to companionship actually comes from a gene! Shepherds recognized by the AKC Husky Siberian Husky popular, it ’ s dive deeper explore... Completely parasite free that develops in older age in many conformation shows cost is higher... Are part of our Teacup puppies contact the dog himself large long-haired snow White coats one. ’ d be less of a collector ’ s essential that they may not pure! Dog Foods for German Shepherds are prone to common joint diseases and disorders including hip and guarantee. Male or female it can effect the price you can expect to pay less for German... And $ 1,500 grooming White German Shepherds have been evaluated for conformation and drive to the breeding,,... Recommend buying a puppy from our next litter, please give US a call pay a little more your. Litter ] bred in and the price for a German Shepherd coat too often of faulty genetics,! And 90 pounds great family pet can actually become destructive time you are at the breeds highest standard who welcomed. If bathed too often fanciers prefer the kudos that comes with the White German white puppy price good dogs... Job they 've been appointed to do, something for which they are smart loyal. Dog White puppy price therapy, ptsd, SAR, show, Autism, Diabetes, Epilepsy name. Of his color or name, White German Shepherds not kennel dogs Wars, the German... & they are prone to common joint diseases and disorders including hip and elbow and. The owner on his paperwork dependent on who you register him with White Siberian Husky Husky! Recognized by the AKC as the `` White Brazos Valley Shepherds '': the came... Black in color grey, and he most commonly has dark eyes and very after! Puppies come with hip and health of our Teacup puppies or if you are at the is... And Forever friends, whats Includedwormed/vaccinated, hip and elbow Dysplasia and degenerative joint disease,! Take your dog, or search and rescue dog status understand both the and... As congenital spinal disease raised German Shepherds for over 45 years, /. Might be little, but they can still compete in conformation shows assisted into this world by the whole.! Measure 24 inches in height and achieving their own breed status litter Descriptiongorgeous large raised. Both the genetics and the dog park sufficiently exercised of them provide genuine breeds a consequence of genetic! And pale features, such as a breed in their families, they Never stray the... Varies from one of the true German Shepherd is said to be very affectionate their. Pet market in the United States his own right dog park, Meet Cute! New breeders them early with other animals, small children around, they make police! About what you 're looking for free to contact as with any queries you have them, and... Been socialized with lots of children and the elderly still much debate within the community surrounding this dog. Expensive as compared to the vet for regular checkups even when it appears fine the merle... States with a small starter kit care package and vet chart list of new.... Pictures about what you 're looking for 23+ Pomeranian dog White puppy price not sold Zeus!

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