how to tie a chod rig

A good tip for rig making at home is to dip it your rig into a bucket of water (or abandoned fish tank like I do!). CHOD RIG: STEP 5. Slide on tail rubber and attach a metal lead clip which will then allow you to attach your lead to the rig. Both catch carp, and are designed to be safe. Following along to a video on how to make your own chod rig at home is far easier than a step-by-basis due to the trickiness in the creation! Plenty of carp around the world have been caught on this rig! So thanks to Gardner Tackle, you can buy these handy packs which contain three rigs. Firstly, we’re going to create the swivel-hook-hair element. If the silt is ‘glassy’ this is the better stuff! How To Tie a Chod Rig - Alan Blair; How To Tie a Chod Rig - Alan Blair. Your rig should be safe at all times, for example, if you’re fishing in dense weed – make sure to drop the lead to land the carp safely. The original rig that sill catches carp everywhere. However, on occasions it can be a little bit blatant. Take a good 7 inches of the Korda Dark Matter braid. This section will show you various diagrams that could help you build your own carp rigs, rather than following along with a video, or a step-by-step basis. Strip off about 4 inches using a line stripper. 8. Take the other tag end (the one you didn’t blob) and tie this onto a uni-link swivel. Ready rigs are tied to a high specification, but you won’t be able to adjust the hair! We’ve used steps from the awesome Fox Rig Guide to show you how to put everything together. There are many types of Ronnie Rig out there, incorporating small changes such as using a uni-link swivel, as opposed to a quick change swivel. Carp anglers have been using sweetcorn since the dawn of time, perhaps because it’s so effective due to the colour, shape and taste that carp find it irresistible. Designed to stand out amongst dull feed baits, such as chopped boilies and pellets, this classic pop up rig will hover above any debris that could be found on the lake bed. Carp love to grub around and it is a good tactic to keep them coming back! You can experiment with the weight of the hook, or amount of putty used, against various pop up combinations. Post correlato. As with all your rigs, make sure your hook is as sharp as can be using the nail test, and flick in into the margin so you can see how it presents itself close up…. Ronnie Rigs 5 Common Mistakes and simple fixes Now you can lock in this swivel by closing up the loop. The final thing to do is tie a couple of overhand knots to finish off the rig, burning off the tag ends with a lighter. Through the loop at the top I put my boilie stop, then tie an overhand knot tight to the bottom of the pop-up to stop the rig ring cutting into the hookbait when I tie it on. The ‘naked chod’ is based on a helicopter rig, where the chod section is connected directly onto your mainline. However, as soon as I saw these little beauties I knew I had found the perfect answer to rig tying. Alan Blair runs you through how to tie the chod rig. I’ve chosen to display a video for you to watch below, rather than a written step-by-step guide, as I think beginners would prefer this method. Finally, we have a carp rig that delivers! is very easy to tie, and suits a variety of hookbait presentations. Basically when your rig is set up correctly you can cast almost anywhere on a lake and your hook bait will still be presented effectively. To make a chod-rig you need to use trace material which has unique features, it allows the gear to take a specific bend for high efficiency. How To Tie a Chod Rig - Alan Blair; How To Tie a Chod Rig - Alan Blair. Stick your maggots in the freezer to kill them off because live maggots can quickly disperse off your chosen spot! There are four main patterns of hook used in carp fishing. Double baits, or snowman rigs, require a larger hook to accommodate two baits, making it hard for carp to eject.

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